• We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the weekend with you and to thank you again. I went to the book store this morning to get you a copy of "Cooking Up A Scoff" to replace you well used copy, but they told me they were out of print and impossible to get - too bad! Take care. Love Elizabeth and Neville Bert

  • Thanks again. We feel like this is coming home. Really appreciate everything you do. - Gerry and Oliver Foote, Gander, NL

  • Thanks for everything! Wonderful place, wonderful people. - John and Lorraine Elliot, Gander, NL

  • Thanks for the wonderful trip. This is the best. - Sadie and Cal Lane       

  • Super weekend! - Jean and Roy Jenkins, Gander, NL


  • The Maynes gathered together at Lakeview Inn where we celebrated 60 years with a grin. We ate, we drank, tried to drive Barb crazy, but just watching her made us all lazy. Terry's breakfast gave us nothing to fear. Look out guys well be back next year. From all of us to the two of you. We felt so at home at the Anniversary do! Thanks to you, from the "Mayne" crew!!!

  • Dear Barb and Terry, Just a brief note to say thank-you and let you know we loved staying at your home, your kindness was outstanding.  Again thank-you for making our stay so beautiful - Susan Mayne and family

  • Your kindness touched our hearts. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you next year, again thank you! - Elaine Evans family, Conception Bay South, NL

  • Wonderful time. Great place. Thanks - Roy Mayne, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • Fabulous accommodations, wonderful people. Thanks for making our weekend so comfortable and enjoyable.- Andrew Mayne, Diane, Davie and Stephanie, Gander, NL

  • Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend! You and Terry went far beyond to make our stay perfect. Thanks again, see you all real soon. - Audrey, Roger, Michael, Ellen Rowe, Cole Harbour, NS

  • Thanks for making us feel so at home. - Brian, Susan and Sarah Mayne, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

  • Thanks very much, excellent place. - Mark Evans, Kelligrews, Conception Bay South, NL

  • Thanks I enjoyed every minute. - Fred Berkshire, Kelligrews, Conception Bay South, NL

  • Thank you, very nice people. - Jean and Elwood Mayne, Millertown, NL

  • Great breakfast! Thanks. Jeanette, Shawn and Matthew, Kelligrews, Conception Bay South, NL

  • Thank you for an awesome time. - Samantha Gosse, Kelligrews, Conception Bay South, NL

  • Thank you for everything. You two are amazing people.♥ - Ellen Rowe, Dartmouth, NS

  • Thank you for the good time and the hospitality. C U again :)☺- Chris Mayne, Conception Bay South

  • Excellent weekend. Thank for everything. - Cherry and Gerald Hicks, Millertown, NL

  • Thanks for the rather enjoyable weekend. Had a great time! - Stephanie Mayne, Gander

  • Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure☺- Heather and Tim Kelly and family, Upper Gullies, South Conception Bay, NL

  • Amazing ☺Thanks for taking such good care of the "Maynes" - Michelle and Mark Thorne, Kelligrews, South Conception Bay, NL

  • Just like home. Thanks - Elton and Theresa Mayne, Dartmouth, NS

  • The very best in hospitality, the finest grub....success is yours! - Cliff Pittman, Long Island

  • The very best, from the very very best - Fred Penton, Bishop Falls, NL

  • Soup heaven!!! - Corey John, Conne River, NL

  • Great time, great people, great fun! - Bernie Halloran, St.Johns, NL

  • Incredible people, food, music and entertainment. Tea and sandwich heaven!- Ron Fougere, St.Johns, NL

  • A fabulous 3 days. True Newfoundland hospitality. A+++ - Ed Williams, St.Johns, NL

  • Home away from home!! Thanks - Sheldon Young, Beachside, NL

  • We were hungry when we came, but we are not hungry now!!! Great place, thank-you. - Beverley and Sidney

  • What a fantastic spot! Excellent people, excellent food. Be back soon! - Bridget and Jerome Bowen, Gander, NL

  • Barb and Terry, thanks again for all the hospitality and friendship. It was great getting to know you both. Hope you enjoy the map book! Take care! Thanks again. - Jennifer and Nicole

  • I had a really nice week. People are lovely. Merci beaucoup. - Dwayne Hickersory, Gallichan, Quebec

  • What can we say? Good food. Good food. They are Newfies, what else can you expect? Thanks - Kevin White and Marian Penny, Ottawa, Ontario

  • I was made to feel right at home. Thanks for everything. - Dave White

  • Great accommodations. ATV Gander to Millertown. - Frank King

  • Thanks for a wonderful evening, wonderful food and lots of laughter. Hope you have a great year. - Wendy and Wayne Hodder

  • Been here for 3 months and is just like home. The Sheppard's are very hospitable. Thanks Barb, Terry, Mary, Blaine, Audrey - Peter Mulcahy, Bay Bulls, NL

  • Beautiful place, wonderful food, great company. Thanks - Alma Olsen, Idaho, U.S

  • Thanks for the enjoyable stay - Chad Yuhasz, Vancouver, BC


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